Breakfast that Works

Starting your day healthy and energized doesn't have to be time consuming. Replace your morning coffee, your multivitamin and your rushed breakfast with this dark chocolate shake. Combining coconut milk, protein, caffeine, and brain-boosting herbs called nootropics, Mobius Breakfast is the fastest, healthiest and best tasting way to jump start your day.    


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We've worked to handpick the best, all-natural ingredients for Mobius Breakfast. Mobius Breakfast is entirely gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free, and natural, without the use of GMOs. Everything down to the delicious dark-chocolate flavor is made with natural ingredients. Packaged in single-serving packets Mobius goes wherever you need to be and mixes with your favorite drink in any blender or shaker bottle.

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Community Feedback

"I know I'm full without that awful 'I ate too much' feeling. I also had tons of energy without the [caffeine]shakes and didn't need coffee. I was super focused, got tons accomplished, and didn't get hungry for hours."

-Blair L.

"My daughter loves Mobius for breakfast! She is a college student and says she has never felt this focused and energized. All the best to you and thanks for producing a great product."

-Lisa W.

"Ya'll killed it! It's all on point. I'm thinking more clearly because my brain has energy!"

-Martin M.


"I am not a breakfast person so I have tried many shakes and supplements. This is the first one that tastes like real food!! and it isn't TOO sweet!"

-Amy E.


"I enjoy that it doesn't have a strong protein after taste"

-Lora D.


"I enjoyed the flavor and it stayed mixed with the water very well. The “right-size” blender bottle is also pretty neat. I am feeling more alert, focused, and calm than I usually do in the morning. Typically I consume three cups of coffee each morning and get hungry from missing breakfast. Imagine Tweek from South Park. I look forward to making this a part of my morning!"

-Caleb L.