Focus, Energy, and Health in one quick drink.

Start your day with a nootropic enhanced meal replacement that will keep you full, focused, and energized with real ingredients.

Revitalize your morning and clear the mental fog with a healthy breakfast that will keep you full for hours.


Mobius is the first drink of its kind to be made with nootropics to help your mind stay focused, calm, and clear of mental fog. Packaged in single serving packets, Mobius goes wherever you need to be and mixes easily with your favorite drink in any blender or shaker bottle.


Have your breakfast, multivitamin, and coffee all at once with our delicious, dark chocolate breakfast drink. Mobius takes just 30 seconds to mix and will keep you full and energized for hours.


Ingredients hand picked to benefit both mind and body.


I am feeling more alert, focused, and calm than I usually do in the morning. Typically I consume three cups of coffee each morning and get hungry from missing breakfast. Imagine Tweek from Southpark
— Caleb L.
I know I’m full without that awful ‘I ate too much’ feeling. I also had tons of energy without the [caffeine]shakes and didn’t need coffee.
— Blair L.
My daughter loves Mobius for breakfast! She is a college student and says she has never felt this focused and energized.
— Lisa W.
I am not a breakfast person so I have tried many shakes an supplements. This is the first one that tastes like real food! and it isn’t TOO sweet!
— Amy E.
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The nutrition you need, in the time you have.




We've handpicked the best, study backed, all-natural ingredients for Mobius Breakfast. Even the delicious dark-chocolate flavor is made with real cocoa. 

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