When I first heard about the subject of creatine bloating I thought it was another crazy treatment that some bodybuilder would try out. I didn’t have any experience in this area and I thought my stomach was just too tight to handle it. In my research I learned that some of the people who experienced bloating had a high protein diet and some had very low protein diets. Either way, I was surprised to learn that bloating is caused by an accumulation of fat and not muscle.

We are all familiar with combination therapies that use different methods to treat acne. Acne is often treated by combining a topical solution with antibiotics, which is not the case for bloat.

People who suffer from bloating are not lactose intolerant. In fact, many people suffer from bloating when they eat a lot of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates cause gas in the stomach and worsen bloating.

Creatine Bloating & Water Retention: Fact Or Fiction?

The solution is to consume less carbohydrates and increase protein in your diet. This will help you lose excess water weight and can also help increase your muscle mass, which will decrease bloating.

Another thing that is common to all people who suffer from bloating is to increase their muscle mass. This is good news as muscle has more cells and less fat than fat cells. It also burns more calories, so you will burn more calories when you workout and sweat.

You will burn more calories when you increase your muscle mass. Once you have increased your muscle mass and your body is no longer losing weight. If you notice a reduction in bloating you will find your way to a saturated fat free diet.

If you are interested in reducing bloating you need to reduce your fat intake, and increase your calorie intake througha nutrient dense diet. You will find that the bloating will disappear once you have increased your muscle mass and lowered your LDL cholesterol.

Remember that the problem with creatine bloating is the buildup of excess fat in the stomach. While there is no cure for bloating, you can help yourself to be rid of it if you change your eating habits.



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