Matt Powell

In this episode, I am talking with Matt Powell, guru of both human motion and human motivation. Matt begins today’s episode by talking about how showing someone their “lightbulb moment” is what motivates him to continue to work in his field.

Matt discusses, in depth, this idea of “pastless” and how by selectively accessing our past experiences we are able to create the present and future that we want. This idea of living in the present with a purpose is what he seeks to achieve in his life and in the lives of those around him.

The question of “how do we live in the present” is posed. Matt suggests that by looking back into our past experiences we are able to view our successes and failures in an objective way where we can then choose what we want to carry forward with us into the present, which then affects our future selves. By recognizing that we have to start living a different way instead of just thinking about being different and making change is how we will actually facilitate real transformation in our lives.

The idea of living intentionally is discussed as Matt brings his experiences with Martial Arts into the discussion as an example. He suggests that by making small, consistent changes and making short terms goals, these ideals will create long term lasting results; however, it all begins with making a commitment to change. Without this commitment, change will not happen.

Matt concludes the conversation by discussing how transformation is a long-term process, not a short-term fix. By having the right goals you can achieve anything you want in life.

Matthew Powell is a Master of Self-Improvement and Master of Martial Arts. He is a guru of both human motion and human motivation as well as the founder of, a website dedicated to teaching others how to get past the past, experience the present, and design the future they want for themselves.

He is the author of five industry-leading books, two dozen instruction videos and hundreds of online tutorial videos. Matt is respected internationally for his works on learning and teaching. He understands how to teach and motivate how to think better, improve and grow and how to be successful.

He focuses on expanding and adapting his martial art understanding to focus on personal growth, expanding on the vast parallels between the training room and real life to change people’s lives. Not just martial art students, but everyone who simply wants to improve their thinking, psychological, and well-being. He’s most often found now working, writing, doing interviews and hiking with his rescue pit bulls, Patton and Pheonix, to clear his mind and bring his insights back to Pastless for others to learn from.